Thickened Pet Blanket


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Product Description
The pet blanket is made of crystal ultra soft, thick and dense lamb wool, and a checkered pattern. Personalized pet blankets are very soft, warm, skin friendly, and well made, without pilling or shedding hair
The size is 55 * 45 centimeters. Suitable for small and medium-sized pets (such as West Highland Terrier, Bixiong Frisbee, Mini Dog, Poodle, etc.). Different colors give you more choices.
Exquisite and durable. Easy to clean. 100% machine washable, easy to dry, and will not deform after each wash. Once dirty, it can be easily cleaned manually and by machine, making it easy to clean. You can always keep the blanket clean and the pet healthy
It is an ideal bedding for pet transport vehicles, beds, and nests. Pet blankets can be used as pads and lids for pets. Prevent furniture from being scratched and dirtied. After taking a shower, you can also wrap your pet’s hair and dry it to avoid getting sick
Size: 55 * 45 centimeters
Types: printed blankets and solid colored blankets
Pattern: Cute checkered pattern
Material: Crystal ultra soft+thick and dense lamb wool
Usage: blanket/cover/mat/mat/mat/towel, suitable for small dogs, cats, small animals, etc.
Dog blanket, warm and soft pet dog and cat blanket, sleep mat, bed cover
Pet blankets are less prone to pilling and shedding, and are tightly attached to the skin





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