1~10PCS Cat Mint Toys Catnip Balls


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1~10PCS Cat Mint Toys Catnip Balls Grinding Teeth Mint Ball Edible Safety Healthy Snack Rotatable Wall Stick-on Toy for Pet
Trade name: Penguin cat mint
Color: black/ /blue
Size: 7 * 6 * 3cm
Material: +cat mint
1. Natural non-toxic: cat grass ball is made of pure natural plant extract, without chemical additives.
2. Practical design: The cat toy can easily stick to the wall or other surfaces. It is very sticky and won’t fall when your kitten licks and plays. When licking the ball, the ball will rotate 360 °.
3. Keep the cat entertained: cat mint and silver vine are effective attractions for the cat to walk around. Cat mint can help cats reduce anxiety.
4. Tooth cleaning: cat grass can effectively reduce the plaque and tartar of cats, freshen the breath, and improve the oral health of kittens.
Package Included:
1 * Cat mint toy













Additional information

Weight 0.123 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm
Is Smart Device



PP Cotton

Toys Type

Catnip Toys

Brand Name


Feature 1

Toys For Cats

Feature 2

Self Hi Cat Toy

Feature 3

Creative Interactive Cat Toy

Feature 4

Self Hi Interactive Cat Toy

Feature 6

green crab catnip

Feature A

Bite Resistant Mint Ball

Feature B

Pet Cat Mint Creative

Feature C

Toys For Cats Interactive Cat Toy

Feature E

Pet Supplies


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